Friday, June 19, 2009

les temps verts

one of the most transcendant and loveliest of vernal moments, walking along this muddy woodland path through clouds of freshly in bloom queen anne's lace...we had been wandering around a lesser known menhir site in the morning sun and on the way back to the village we found a backfield trail, coming upon this gloriously romantic scene...I felt like some Flaubert femme in a bucolic daze mincing gingerly through the wet earth dragging my satiny folds, with only melodic birdsong and the soft breezes rustling through the budding trees soothing my fervid delusions!

the stillness of this stone font dappled by a film of viridescent lace receives the water from a nearby source known for curing ailments of the nervous system... perfect for dipping those overly delicate 19th century jeunes filles d'amour!

and just beyond the chapelle, slender yellow irises sway elegant in the shade of pale gold foliage warmed by the late afternoon sun...

always back to the shores where we find the abstract arrangements of marine life on smooth rounded rocks...silken mossy algae draping sensuously on the barnacle-doted slopes...

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