Saturday, March 24, 2007

objet volant bienveillant

objet volant bienveillant
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objet volant bienveillant [2007] oil and acrylic on canvas, 75 x 75 cm

sometimes in the french countryside one will come across the odd homebuilt spaceship, or perhaps it really is an alien "flying object" on a friendly mission from afar...

[as spring arrives and the land is ready to be worked over once again, this one may soon leave its secluded wintering stopover beside a benevolent farmer's field in the charente-maritime region - to be sighted later as another inexplicable hovering object somewhere over the
cornfields of middle america...]

[coincidentally, or mysteriously as the case may be, as this painting was being completed, the french space agency has just released its entire archive of recorded sightings and documented cases of "objet volant non identifie" online... the agency's website has apparently and understandably exploded due to overwhelming interest... or (to the 'twilight zone' soundtrack)...more likely due to the zap guns of little green extra-terrestrials in silver suits!]

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