Tuesday, August 17, 2010

casa de blas

this is a house inspired by a book of Luis Cernuda poems...
by an architect who is sublimely poetic with his play of light...
this is a house built for a professor of spanish literature...
for listening to the music of silence, the music of the soul...

I have carried an article about this house for years now, taking it with me to France, to Spain - where the house was built outside of Madrid for Francisco de Blas, the receptive literature professor...
The architect, Alberto Campo Baeza, is based in Madrid, and I was tempted to visit his firm to find out more about his work...but shyness overcame me...
Like the Casa Malaparte, it is another idiosyncratic house that I have fallen in love with, another isolated structure conceived on another impossible site with an elongated plinth or "cave" housing the living areas and the "stage" above on which to absorb the all-encompassing views, to while away time following the sun's daily path and of course, to be lulled by the musicality of the landscape - the lightness and openness of the glass pavilion an ethereal counterpoint to the solidness and practicality of the concrete box below...
This purist elegance of a basic geometric form pushing up from the arid mount, its lustrous glass wings lifting to the widening sky - a most elemental shelter and a most resonant temple for well-read, well-tuned earthy beings...

"La Quimera susurra hacia la luna
Y tan dulce es su voz que a la desolacion alivia."*

[line from "Desolacion de la Quimera" by Luis Cernuda]

*["The Chimera murmurs at the moon
And its voice is so sweet it eases its desolation."] 

Casa de Blas
oil and acrylic on canvas;
55 x 70 cm

1 comment:

  1. Sublime.
    A place to think....
    A music of the soul as you say.

    I'm thinking in bed,
    Cause I can't get out
    Till I learn how to think
    What I'm thinking about;
    What I'm thinking about
    Is a person to be--
    A sort of a person
    Who feels like me.