Thursday, January 4, 2007

"the origin of the world"

in the musée d'orsay hangs a small painting that will quicken pulses and widen the eyes... the origin of life, as revealed by the artist, is boldly nestled between fleshy thighs and a thick belly, then crowned with lush sable down... this truncated torso, curtly swathed and splayed open on crumpled sheets, purveys an erotic shot so unerringly aimed that no bystander can escape its blunt and powerful blast.
monsieur courbet, cool as sorbet, had seen fit to image the point of creation as indelicately as a pinned butterfly of colossal proportions... an epic genesis, at once universal and singularly sensual, this is the voyeur's dream of the femina non gravitas...

"the origin of the world" by g. verster